Linux pmap命令


 pmap [options] PID [PID ...]

 -x, --extended              show details
 -X                          show even more details
            WARNING: format changes according to /proc/PID/smaps
 -XX                         show everything the kernel provides
 -c, --read-rc               read the default rc
 -C, --read-rc-from=   read the rc from file
 -n, --create-rc             create new default rc
 -N, --create-rc-to=   create new rc to file
            NOTE: pid arguments are not allowed with -n, -N
 -d, --device                show the device format
 -q, --quiet                 do not display header and footer
 -p, --show-path             show path in the mapping
 -A, --range=[,]  limit results to the given range

 -h, --help     display this help and exit
 -V, --version  output version information and exit

Address : start address ofmap 映像起始地址
Kbytes : size of map in kilobytes 映像大小
RSS : resident set size inkilobytes 驻留集大小
Dirty : dirty pages (both sharedand private) in kilobytes 脏页大小
Mode : permissions on map 映像权限: r=read,w=write, x=execute, s=shared, p=private (copy on write)
Mapping : file backing the map ,or ‘[ anon ]’ for allocated memory, or ‘[ stack ]’ for the program stack. 映像支持文件,[anon]为已分配内存[stack]为程序堆栈